ONF Community Highlights: August 2019

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities.

Table of Contents

Certification Brigade

  • Roman Bubry worked on scalability tests for the Fabric component
  • Test cases have been merged to the repo


  • Rewrote OMEC control-plane and data-plane helm charts, which provide better dependency resolution between services as well as multi-cluster deployment scenario, data-plane at edge site and control-plane at central site for example. Ready for release.
  • Finished standard Docker build for COMAC images.
  • Finished to deploy CORD platform and COMAC profile in COMAC-in-a-Box. 
  • Started to integrate ng4t into our CICD.
  • We made the end to end setup ( from phone + accelleran enodeb + container based OMEC ) works for Release.
  • Started to refactor CDN code and COMAC profile code clearly.
  • Started to integrate the wired service (i.e., SEBA) in COMAC-in-a-Box.
  • Created ONF Connect Demo. We are ready to show the COMAC release deployed in multi-cluster environment.
  • Added a monitoring service to COMAC for the mobile subscribers.

CORD Platform

  • Improvements to cordctl CLI tool: add regex and substring matching to filters, better error reporting

Developer Relations (DevRel)

  • Created job description and engaged recruiter to fill open devrel position.
  • Completed all ONF Connect recognition preparation.
  • Updated all wiki pages to have a consistent set of introductory information.
  • Reviewed the ONF code of conduct.


  • Modulation implementation with Driver and Rest API thanks to Sterlite (Puneet, Vishnu and Chetan)
  • Modulation CLI command (Andrea Campanella)
  • Optical UI modulation, target input power, current output and current input power (Andrea Campanella, Sean Condon)
  • Documentation augmentation (ONF, IPI)
  • Test and bug-fixes for Optical App (Ivan from Nokia) 
  • Testing and deployment on CASSINI thanks to IP Infusion
  • Adva Integration and TAPI testing thanks to Konrad, Rafal and Andrea
  • Modulation and OSNR OpenConfig yang extension proposal thanks to Sterlite (Puneet, Vishnu)

OIMT (Open Information Modeling & Tooling)


  • Nikolai Merinov (Inango-Systems) implemented typed queues for OF message processing which allows for a better a packet-in queue in ONOS and packet prioritization. Improved cbench performance by ~20%. Merged and part of 2.2.0 release.
  • ONOS 2.2.0 Sparrow Released
  • Planning for ONOS 2.3.0 (yet to be named) scheduled for September 18th at 10:30 PDT
  • µONOS in preparation for Demo at ONF Connect
  • Complete µONOS stack can now be installed and tested on Kubernetes with “onit” tool
  • onos-ztp handling direct configuration of Stratum device via roles
  • onos-topo using Atomix as distributed storage; onos-config to follow
  • onos-gui updated to handle configuration and rollback

OTCC (Open Transport Config & Control)

  • Arturo Mayoral (Telefonica) has provided material for a TAPI 2.1.2 Reference Implementation Guide based on their experience with testing and implementation.  Nigel Davis (Ciena) and Kam Lam (FiberHome) will edit the document.



  • Multicast brigade:
    • Vignesh Ethiraj (Infosys) modified Multicast to not program Multicast tree on unconfigured devices
    • Esin Karaman (Netsia) migrated IGMPProxy application to use new Multicast store 
  • BNG in ASG
    • Daniele (ONF) and Carmelo (ONF) are working hard to demonstrate a PPPoE capable BNG application on a Tofino switch in a SEBA Setup


  • Added platform support for switches from Inventec and QCT
  • Code refactoring and cleanup in preparation for open source release by community
  • Enhancements to platform database and adapters by community


  • Comcast, Infosys, Broadcom, Accton and ONF teams are working on two demos for ONF Connect
    • ONF booth will focus on showing Trellis features and production readiness.
    • Comcast/Infosys booth will demonstrate how Trellis is integrated with other components in large scale production deployments.
    • Please visit our booths at ONF Connect to learn more.


  • David Bainbridge (Ciena) is leading the stabilization brigade
    • The role of the brigade is:
      • branch out (VOLTHA 2.1) with functionality equivalent to VOLTHA 1.7, and stabilizing the branch
      • create a process whereby stability is guaranteed as new features are added in 2.x master
    • The most active participants in the brigade are:
      • Karthick Ramanarayanan (Ciena)
      • Scott Baker (ONF)
      • Andy Bavier (ONF)
      • Zack Williams (ONF)
      • Matt Jeanneret (AT&T)
      • Aishwarya Rana (AT&T)


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