Community Member Spotlight: Matt Jeanneret

In this spotlight, we would like to introduce Matt Jeanneret, a Principal Product Development Engineer at the AT&T Foundry in Atlanta, GA and a member of the SEBA and VOLTHA communities. Matt was one of the original developers working on the design of vOLT (later VOLTHA) and participated in one of the first plugfests in 2016. He then left the community for a short time to work on other other AT&T priorities (BNG and Mobile Edge Computing related) before returning to the community and joining the OpenOLT and OpenOMCI efforts. Some of his accomplishments in the SEBA and VOLTHA communities include:

  • Integrated OpenOMCI into the Broadcom ONU adapter (now OpenONU adapter).  Testing on different ONU types.
  • Improvements to the ONU adapter including new/reusable OpenOMCI tasks and VEIP UNI type support.
  • Led the VOLTHA 2.x Containerization Brigade, migrating Python OpenOLT and OpenONU adapters into 2.x and testing on hardware.
  • Helped move the different VOLTHA 2.x components into their own Gerrit repositories and set up build and test environments for them.
  • Deployment of SEBA and VOLTHA into various and ongoing field trials and proof of concepts.
  • Currently helping on the VOLTHA Stabilization Brigade, doing hardware testing of Tech Profile and other patches in 2.x.

Matt brings a unique combination of development and IT operations to the job. He came up through the role of a Linux sysadmin with a strong grounding in open source software and a learn-as-you-go mentality. He is one of the rare people who easily flows between disciplines – at BellSouth and other Enterprise Internet Service Provider startups, he learned to flow between the worlds of development, system admin, and networking admin – he is a true DevOps/NetOps engineer. He also brings a longer than average experience in cloud native infrastructure than most – Matt has used OpenVZ and LXC in prior jobs and is now a Kubernetes expert. After leaving BellSouth and trying the world of startups, he joined AT&T’s Foundry in Atlanta which had just formed. At AT&T, he likes the challenge of working at scale (real scale!) and the opportunity to work in mobility.

Matt is a technologist at heart and when he isn’t working he still likes to explore new technologies. He is also an active dad who loves to spend time with his family boating, exploring the country by RV, and participating in his kid’s activities like band, soccer and technology clubs.


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