The following is a list of tools the CORD® community uses to collaborate. Some of the tools require credentials. Others can be accessed without credentials for viewing content. Registration is free and open to anyone interested in getting involved with the CORD community.

User Registration

Register here to get credentials that allow you to actively collaborate with the community. Credentials are required to modify the wiki and to commit code, for example.

Instant Messaging

Need more help? Reach out instantaneously to the CORD community using Slack!

Scrum Tool

Issue and project tracking tool. You need to register and get credentials to create/modify content.

Continuous Integration

Jenkins continuously verifies commits and code health and builds nightly CORD images. It's read-only, you don't need credentials to access it.

Metrics Dashboard

Dynamic dashboard of stats covering data from community tools, including Gerritt, Jira, wiki and more.

Mailing Lists

Join the CORD mailing lists to take part in discussions with other community members.


CORD documentation, info on use cases and more. You need to register and get credentials to create/modify content.

Code Repositories

Gerrit is our official private repository. Credentials are needed to commit code to it. It is mirrored on GitHub, which is read-only and doesn't require credentials.


Keep in touch with CORD events: