Get involved with the new CORD Brigades

As the CORD community gets bigger we need to make sure that contributors are working together to advance our shared vision for where the CORD project is heading. To help focus attention on critical items in the CORD roadmap and to rally community contributions around these tasks, we’re launching the first set of CORD brigades. We’ve had success using this brigade model in the ONOS community and we’re excited to be bringing this concept to the CORD community.

Please take a look at the information below for each of the new brigades. If you want to get involved, we welcome your contribution — let us know that you want to get involved in a brigade by posting to the CORD developers mailing list. For now that will be the mailing list for brigade discussions (note that brigades may also have Slack channels dedicated to discussing their topics — check out the brigade links below for information about Slack channels).

  • Performance Brigade: The overarching goal is to optimize the CORD platform and benchmark performance for several critical workloads.
  • Upgrade OpenStack Brigade: The overarching goal is update the version of OpenStack (and Ubuntu) running on the CORD Platform, but do so in a general way that makes it easy to customize a POD to whatever IaaS service(s) the operator wants to support.
  • Container Brigade: The overarching goal is to extend the CORD platform to support container-only configurations, for example, by leveraging container management system like Kubernetes, Mesos, or Docker Swarm.
  • Hierarchical CORD Brigade: The overarching goal is to extend the CORD platform so it can accommodate hierarchical / multi-site deployments.

Brigades are open to anyone who wants to participate, so please take a look and join a brigade if there is a topic that is interesting to you. Brigade members will meet regularly online and will also meet periodically in person during a planned work week and/or at the upcoming CORD Build event in November.

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