E-CORD weekly meetings starting every Tuesday at 11 pacific

Please join us for our weekly discussion on all things E-CORD. The core team will review the latest design and development activities. Service providers are welcome to present their deployments and reach out to the community with questions, bug reports and feature requests. Finally, participating vendors will discuss their contributions.

We very much welcome prospective CORD and E-CORD collaborators!

Time: Every Tuesday at 11 am pacific

Dial-in by computer: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/869079797

Or dial-in by phone: +1 (571) 317-3116 Access Code: 869-079-797

CORD Build 2017 – Update #1 : Venue and Location

As we mentioned during the last Community Steering Team call, we’re kicking off a series of blog posts these coming weeks/months that will provide regular updates on the advancement of the design, planning and execution of CORD Build 2017. Importantly, everyone is encouraged to react to each blog post by sharing feedback directly on the community mailing list. Whether you have a concern you’d like to raise, or an idea you’d like to float, we’re all ears and we want to make sure CORD Build reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.

For this first update, we’d like to share some information about the venue and location of the event, and specifically who we will be partnering with on the ground.

Quanta Cloud Technology, an active CORD collaborator, has graciously agreed to host this event at their facility in San Jose, California. Their facility is a perfect fit for this event — there is a large auditorium space, multiple breakout rooms and kiosks to use for Science Fairs where community members can demonstrate what they are working on.

We understand that CORD has a community of contributors from all over the world and that some community members may not be able to make it to this location for the event in November. For people in Asia who can’t attend this event, we encourage you to look at attending ONOS Build 2017 that will be held in Seoul, Korea in September and that will include some CORD content. We are also committed to holding future events in areas that are more accessible to parts of the community that haven’t been well served by previous events — for instance, we held the first ONOS Build last year in Paris and this year have moved that event to Asia.

Which brings us to the topic for the next post in this blog series: Participating in CORD Build 2017. Our next update will provide information on how you can get involved before and at the event and what the plans are for the schedule of the three day event.

Stay tuned!

The CORD Build 2017 Planning Team

Get involved with the new CORD Brigades

As the CORD community gets bigger we need to make sure that contributors are working together to advance our shared vision for where the CORD project is heading. To help focus attention on critical items in the CORD roadmap and to rally community contributions around these tasks, we’re launching the first set of CORD brigades. We’ve had success using this brigade model in the ONOS community and we’re excited to be bringing this concept to the CORD community.

Please take a look at the information below for each of the new brigades. If you want to get involved, we welcome your contribution — let us know that you want to get involved in a brigade by posting to the CORD developers mailing list. For now that will be the mailing list for brigade discussions (note that brigades may also have Slack channels dedicated to discussing their topics — check out the brigade links below for information about Slack channels).

  • Performance Brigade: The overarching goal is to optimize the CORD platform and benchmark performance for several critical workloads.
  • Upgrade OpenStack Brigade: The overarching goal is update the version of OpenStack (and Ubuntu) running on the CORD Platform, but do so in a general way that makes it easy to customize a POD to whatever IaaS service(s) the operator wants to support.
  • Container Brigade: The overarching goal is to extend the CORD platform to support container-only configurations, for example, by leveraging container management system like Kubernetes, Mesos, or Docker Swarm.
  • Hierarchical CORD Brigade: The overarching goal is to extend the CORD platform so it can accommodate hierarchical / multi-site deployments.

Brigades are open to anyone who wants to participate, so please take a look and join a brigade if there is a topic that is interesting to you. Brigade members will meet regularly online and will also meet periodically in person during a planned work week and/or at the upcoming CORD Build event in November.

Telecompaper: Cavium, China Unicom demo M-Cord NFV/5G at MWC 2017

Semiconductor products provider Cavium has announced a full implementation of the ON.Lab Cord (Central Office Re-architected as Data center) SDN/NFV platform software stack on its ThunderX ARM based data center COTS server architecture. In addition, the leaf and spine switching integral to Cord is now supported by Cavium’s XPliant programmable SDN switch. Cavium and China Unicom have cooperated on porting and integrating the entire M-Cord software stack to a single unified hardware architecture optimized for NFV operation and SDN control. READ MORE.