[Update #2] Getting Involved and Planning Your Participation at CORD Build 2017

As we mentioned in the first update of our CORD Build 2017 blog series, today’s blog post will focus on how you can get involved in early planning of the event and what the plans are for the schedule for the three days.

Staying true to our open source ethos, CORD Build is a developer conference designed and run by the community for the community. We want to make the entire planning and execution process as participatory as possible and encourage everyone who is interested in attending to get involved as early as possible.

Getting involved in early content planning

In this early phase of planning, the main focus areas are content, format, and schedule for the event. Drawing from our experience at the ONOS Build event last year and the great feedback we got from participants, our thinking is to build a similar schedule for CORD Build. The general idea is to schedule keynotes, high level presentations and panels in the morning and interactive tracks in the afternoon focused on deep-diving into CORD technical details and showcasing CORD work across the community. We also plan to hold an SDN Science Fair and a Hackathon.

We are aware that there are important differences between ONOS and CORD and that events for these different communities will also need to be different. Considering that, we have made some tweaks to customize the schedule to fit CORD’s needs and we assume that we’ll need to make more changes as well. This is why asking for feedback from the community now is critical so we can make sure the event is tailored to support CORD community members.

Here is a snapshot of what our current thinking is (click for larger version):

For the Community Showcases, SDN Science Fair and Hackathon, we’ll be writing separate blog posts detailing exactly how to get involved and we’ll be doing an official “Call for Participation” shortly after.

Planning your Participation

Travel Dates

CORD Build 2017 will be taking place in San Jose, California for three full days from Tuesday, November 7 to Thursday, November 9. To make sure you don’t miss a beat, we strongly recommend participants traveling from abroad to arrive in the area on that Monday and leave on that Friday.

Getting a visa

If you require a visa to travel to the United States, worry not, we will soon be publishing information on how to obtain a visitor’s visa and receiving a formal invitation from the Open Networking Foundation to attend the event.

Travel Subsidies for Active Contributors

We are actively reaching out to potential sponsors to raise funds to help cover travel subsidies for active CORD contributors who would require financial assistance to travel to this event. Whether you are actively contributing code to CORD, or participating in a CORD Brigade or actively building community as an CORD Ambassador, we will make sure to sponsor as many contributors as we can from all over the world. We’ll be publishing a blog post specifically about this in the next weeks.


For now, if you have thoughts, ideas or just feedback on logistics or the proposed schedule and format, or if you have specific ideas for sessions for the tracks, please start a thread on the general CORD-discuss mailing list or write to the core planning team directly at david [at] onlab [dot] us.