Join the New CORD Brigades


“Collaboration operates through a process in which the successful intellectual achievements of one person arouse the intellectual passions and enthusiasms of others.” – Alexander von Humboldt

This quote represents the growing CORD® Project and how we are fostering cohesive collaboration through the active Brigades. CORD Brigades are small dedicated teams focused on developing specific core network engineering features for future CORD releases and performance evaluation of implemented services. CORD Brigades get together for face-to-face work for a community-centric and interactive way to tackle move the project forward.  

These groups connect researchers and engineers across industries and academia who share interests in developing certain features. We set them up for success with a framework for collaboration with ONF/ON.Lab. We are excited to announce four new active Brigades advancing CORD features that are available for the community to join:

Performance Brigade:

The overarching goal of the Performance Brigade is to optimize the CORD platform and benchmark performance for several critical workloads. Specifically, the plan is to:

  • Integrate Intel’s DPDK/OvS optimizations into the CORD platform
    • Initial Focus:  VMs
    • Follow-on Work: Containers
  • Micro-Benchmarks / Tuning
    • Cores dedicated to OvS vs OvS/DPDK
  • Benchmark M-CORD performance (specifically EPC)
    • Scale number of subscribers (at average throughput each)
    • Maximum end-to-end throughput for a single subscriber
  • Benchmark R-CORD performance (specifically vSG)
    • Scale number of subscribers (at average throughput each)
    • Maximum end-to-end throughput for a single subscriber
  • Open Ended: Other optimizations that impact the M/R-CORD performance

To join the Brigade, connect with them in the #performance Slack channel to discuss what is happening and how you can participate.  If you need access to the CORD Slack channel, you can request an invitation.

Upgrade OpenStack Brigade:

The OpenStack Brigade is focused on updating the version of OpenStack (and Ubuntu) running on the CORD Platform, doing it a way that makes it easy to customize a POD to whatever IaaS service(s) the operator wants to support. Expected tasks include:

  • Upgrade OpenStack/Ubuntu versions that are part of the CORD platform
  • Generalize Build Process to account for this degree of freedom
  • Bring OpenStack instantiation into (under) XOS control

Brigade leaders Dhanunjaya Vudatha, Radisys, and Zack Williams, University of Arizona, invite more members to work in the group. If you’re interested, email Dhanunjaya and Zack directly.

Container Brigade:

The mission of the Container Brigade is to extend the CORD platform to support container-only configurations, for example, by leveraging container management system like Kubernetes, Mesos, or Docker Swarm. This needs to be done in a general way, so that it is easy operators to configure whatever container management system they want. Other than modeling a set of containers as a Slice in the CORD data model (and writing the corresponding synchronizer), the challenge is to reconcile CORD’s support for virtual networks and service composition (as implemented by VTN) with the assumptions of the underlying container management system. Possible tasks include:

  • Integrate k8s into CORD, providing an alternative “instance type”
  • Extend/adapt XOS and VTN as necessary to support k8s
  • Demonstrate a container-only set of services (e.g., vSG in k8s)

David BainBridge, Ciena, and Scott Baker, ON.Lab, are the Brigade leaders. If you’re interested in joining the team, please email David and Scott directly.

Hierarchical CORD Brigade:

The Hierarchical CORD Brigade aims to extend the CORD platform so it can accommodate hierarchical / multi-site deployments. We are considering three possible use cases:

  • E-CORD – A global XOS manages a distributed set of (self-contained) CORD PODs connected by a metro backbone.
  • Private LTE – An edge POD manages a set of co-located (but isolated) periphery “virtualized RAN” micro-PODs.
  • OpenCloud – A global XOS manages a distributed set of (self-contained) CORD PODs connected by the Internet2 backbone.

If you’re interested in joining the Hierarchical CORD Brigade, please contact the Brigade leaders Rick McGear, US-Ignite, and Sapan Bhatia, ON.Lab/ONF.

The collaboration taking place in these Brigades is helping to grow the relationships within the community. They also fuel SDN innovation and advancement, creating an operating system for communications service providers that is designed for scalability, high performance and high availability.

If you are interested in joining any of these Brigades or receiving updates, check out the wiki pages, our blog and be sure to connect with members and don’t hesitate to get involved.