Get involved with the CORD Performance Brigade

The CORD Performance brigade is integrating DPDK into a CORD POD’s OpenStack installation. This involves modifying how OpenStack is installed and configured by the CORD build process.

This work will provide substantially better packet forwarding performance in the base CORD platform. All use cases built on the platform (R-CORD, E-CORD, M-CORD) are expected to gain performance benefits.

How you can help

Changes are required to the Ansible playbooks that drive the build, and the Juju charms / configuration that sets up OpenStack. We are looking for contributors familiar with OpenStack and OVS-DPDK. Here is the Epic in Jira where we are tracking tasks for this brigade:

The initial target is to build a CORD-in-a-Box with the changes to enable DPDK support in place. The next step would be to deploy and validate the changes on a hardware POD at ONF.

Join the discussion

To get involved, join us on our Slack channel and our weekly meetings:

* Slack channel: (if you need access to the CORD Slack instance, you can request an invitation)

* Weekly meeting on Fridays at 9am pacific: Skype dial-in