Light Reading: “No More Navel-Gazing: CORD Speeds Automation”

Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center (CORD) increasingly appeals to carriers ready to quit “navel-gazing” about virtualization, and instead adopt a clear, comprehensive path to deploy and integrate major virtualization elements in their central offices, according to a Heavy Reading report released this week. By implementing CORD, service providers can more effectively compete with web-scale operators while speeding network automation and innovation.

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Network World: “10 Most important open source networking projects”

There’s an open source insurgence happening in the networking industry. Increasing demands on the network to scale to unprecedented levels and at the same time become more customized to specific use cases has led to the emergence of open source projects to support them. In many cases, networking vendors are using these open source projects as the basis for enterprise networking products. In other cases, they are the core underlying technology for some of the largest networks in the world. Here are 10 of the most important open source projects in the networking industry.

Light Reading: “What’s at the End of the CORD?”

The whole notion of a Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD) is the telecom industry’s way of taking innovative data center technologies, including virtualization and software-driven services, and feeding them into the broadband access network.

But does CORD work? And if so, what value is it delivering?

During a session on “The Next-Gen Central Office/Headend” at Light Reading’s recent Big Communications Event (BCE), panelists had some early conclusions to share. Among them, and perhaps most notably, the CORD approach appears to generate returns faster by creating new revenue streams than it does by helping operators save money through network upgrades.

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NFV Zone: NFV-Based CORD Project Has Communications Stars Jumping

If ever there were a celebrity-driven communications project, the Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) project would likely qualify. Already joined by such names as AT&T, China Unicom and Verizon, the project recently got still more star power behind it as Sprint and Deutsche Telekom joined in, adding further muscle and capability behind the ongoing project to turn the central office into more of a data center project using such tools as network functions virtualization (NFV), software defined networking (SDN) and cloud-based systems.

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Converge! Network Digest: CORD Overview with Guru Parulkar

Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) combines NFV, SDN, and the elasticity of commodity clouds to bring datacenter economics and cloud agility to the Telco Central Office.

In this video, Guru Parulkar provides an overview of the project, which is housed at ON.Lab. Watch the video here.

TIA Now: “Open Source Projects: How Ideas Become Usable Code”

Timon Sloane, VP of Standards and Membership at the Open Networking Foundation and Phil Robb, VP of Operations, Networking and Orchestration at the Linux Foundation, speak about how the structured process by which an idea becomes usable code in a well-run open source project occurs. They also discussed whether the future of container networking is plug and play for both packaging and isolation in greenfield and brownfield environments. Watch the interview here.

Converge! Network Digest: Radisys Professional Services for CORD Deployments

CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) is a platform combining leading SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies for transforming Service Provider networks. Radisys is now bringing its expertise in professional telecom services to help Service Providers lead the way to open source CORD.

Watch the demo here.

Converge! Network Digest: Radisys DCEngine and FlowEngine Benefits for CORD Deployments

Telco central offices will undergo significant transformation in the years ahead as they adopt SDN, NFV, and cloud technologies. In this video, Bryan Sadowski, VP, FlowEngine & DCEngine for Radisys, presents the DCEngine 16U rack-scale platform, along with the new FlowEngine TDE-2000 open networking switch, which together deliver scalable storage, compute and networking infrastructure for Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) deployments.

Watch the demo here.

Converge! Network Digest: ONF Demos CORD open innovation pipeline solutions at ONS

CORD Project, the community developing an open source service delivery platform that combines SDN, NFV and elastic cloud services to transform the edge of operator networks, announced it is holding a demonstration at the Open Networking Summit (ONS) and noted continued progress for the project in collaboration with new collaborators Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Ixia and Xpose.

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