To Build an Open Reference Implementation of CORD®

Our mission is to bring datacenter economies and cloud agility to service providers for their residential, enterprise, and mobile customers using an open reference implementation of CORD with an active participation of the community. The reference implementation of CORD will be built from commodity servers, white-box switches, disaggregated access technologies (e.g., vOLT, vBBU, vDOCSIS), and open source software (e.g., OpenStack, ONOS, XOS).


We have two ambitious goals for the reference implementation:

The first is to be a complete solution, ready for evaluation in field trials on commercial operator networks.

The second is to serve as a general-purpose platform that is capable of delivering a wide range of innovative services.
From access services (e.g., Fiber-to-the-Home) to conventional cloud services (SaaS); from services implemented in the data plane (NFV) to services implemented in the control plane (SDN); from trusted operator-provided services to untrusted third-party services; and from bundled legacy services to disaggregated greenfield services.


To Bring Cloud Economies and Agility to the Telco Central Office

A reference implementation of CORD combines commodity servers, white-box switches, and disaggregated access technologies with open source software to provide an extensible service delivery platform. This gives network operators the means to configure, control, and extend CORD to meet their operational and business objectives. The reference implementation is sufficiently complete to support field trials.


CORD has Application in Residential, Enterprise, and Mobile Markets




Providers can leverage a common hardware and software infrastructure to offer traditional connectivity as well as cloud services for residential, enterprise and mobile customers. CORD allows residential, mobile, and enterprise customers to configure and manage their service packages with ease and in almost real time. CORD also allows third parties to offer innovative services to common customers with a variety of partnership models.